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Personal assistance with Medicare enrollment, insurance selection, and year around support.

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Personal assistance, including insurance selection with year around support.

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Wendy's Approach
To Insurance

Is RN Insurance Navigators the correct fit for you? Founder Wendy Tribioli RN is blazing a new business trail that bridges the gap between health insurance and health care. Health care and medical bills are life’s most significant financial risks. There need to be individuals with knowledge of health care billing and insurance that provide help and guidance to the individual consumer. I am leaping and using my education and expertise to develop affordable health insurance strategies that provide clients access to care without breaking the bank.

Why Work With Me

Registered Nurse

Strong understanding of the health care industry and how things work.

Insurance & Medicare Regulations

My advanced knowledge in health care billing, Medicare, and insurance regulations provides additional services to my clients because I know what coverage to look for, how to appeal an unfavorable decision, and how the different insurance products pay out.

Focus on you

Everyone has different healthcare and insurance needs. The one size fits all approach is not an option in health care and insurance.

Problem Solver

If there is a problem, the answer is "call the nurse." As an RN, your career is strategizing and problem-solving for patients, families, and physicians.

In the summer of 2022, I received a voicemail from a client requesting I call him as soon as I got the message. Upon returning the call, he updated me that he suffered a stroke a few days prior and was in the hospital. He asked me to look into the cost of the medication the doctors recommended. Our conversation lasted about thirty minutes, walking through the symptoms, how he was feeling, answering questions, and providing insight into what all the testing meant. After our conversation, he was no longer worried about the medication costs or medical bills. Instead, he focused on his health and the need for follow-up care in the coming months.

Client Testimonials

"I met with three different organizations before I found Wendy. She was fantastic and in the first 15 minutes she provided me with more info than any of the other people I spoke with regarding Medicare choices. Plus she's a nurse and her medical background was extremely helpful when making decisions regarding the best plan for ME. I would highly recommend her to my family and friends ! Please give her a call you won't be disappointed."
Nancy Tassoni
“Wendy Tribioli of Comprehensive Medicare Advisors has the empathy, knowledge, and professionalism to guide you through the maze of Medicare. Her ability to tackle any task, navigate the hurdles, and to have the welfare of others her main concern is truly invaluable.”
Michelle D
“Wendy was extremely helpful in navigating Medicare options especially with FEHB. She went above and beyond to learn about specific FEHB plans in which we were interested and analyzed estimated yearly costs with objective recommendations based upon our individual needs . I really appreciated her professionalism and timely response to questions and requests. I confidently recommend her.”
Patricia Sincavage

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